Melissa Bachman Turkey Hunting Gear
Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman's Personal Turkey Hunting Gear List

For years I've enjoyed spending the beautiful spring days out turkey hunting. I enjoy it so much that I sometimes can't help but spend all day out in the woods listening for gobbles and trying to make a move on a wary old Tom. Because I'm so determined, I end up packing a lot of gear. There are times I've forgotten things and times I've learned what I can't live without. This is the list of gear that usually fills my turkey vest and gets tossed into my hunting pack, with all the must-have necessities I've come to require.

My Personal Turkey Hunting Gear List

Melissa Bachman's Turkey Gear

Melissa Bachman's Turkey Gear

Melissa Bachman's Turkey Gear

Melissa Bachman's Turkey Gear

For some further explanation of a few things, I'll share some extra details. For one, the decoys I prefer are a Dave Smith Breeding Hen and Jake, and I'll sometimes add an Upright Hen to the spread as well. The Ranger Ready bug repellant I use is awesome, and there are two types: Permethrin and Picaridin to keep away both ticks and mosquitos.

Also, the BOG Backpack I use is still so new that it may not be available yet. Keep checking for news on when they release them. Oh, and the turkey vest I use is a super-old youth model from about 15 years ago that's not made anymore.

I shoot still photos on a Sony A7SIII DSLR camera and use a Sony FX9 for my big camera. I usually use a 70-200mm Sony Lens or a 100-400mm Sony Lens. Then there's a GoPro 9 for the small camera on my decoys, and an older GoPro 6 in my blind for a wide shot of all the action, pointed back at me while I'm hunting. Then I use a Sony AX100 as a small handheld back-up camera plus a ShotKam on my gun.

I especially like to use the HuntStand App to see property lines, tree cover, and other natural features to help decide what to do and where to do it while I'm turkey hunting. Finally, a lot of this gear can be found at Fleet Farm, one of the retailers I really like. Check there before you buy anywhere else!

Some people may think this is simply too many items, but usually I'm out hunting for the entire day and want to ensure I have everything I could possible need! The longer you're in the field the better your odds, so you might as well bring it all.