Meet Us Out Here With Beth Alcazar From the USCCA

We spoke with USCCA's Beth Alcazar about being a firearms instructor, an author, and a female in the outdoor industry.

Women are one of the fastest-growing demographics in shooting sports participation levels, and there are few people who can theorize on the reasons why better than Beth Alcazar.

Her work as an instructor and content editor with the USCCA gives Beth a unique perspective on things, from early impressions of first time gun owners, to the responsibility we all have to be safe and secure.

It was fantastic to get to hear from Beth, who knows more about these subjects than most. The USCCA is providing real, tangible help and assistance through expert training (from people like Beth), as well as near-endless resources promoting safe and responsible gun ownership.

Home and family safety is at or near the top of almost ever modern American's priorities, and listening to Beth speak about how that translates to the need for more awareness and training is incredibly inspiring.

Beth's point of view differs from most, thanks to her unique position at USCCA, but her role as a wife, mother, and woman is relatable for millions across the country and beyond. We're all making efforts to create safe conditions for ourselves and our families, because our lives are worth protecting.

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