Mazda to Present SkyActiv-X Spark-Less Ignition Engine Tech

Mazda has teased its new spark-less ignition engine technology ahead of the Los Angeles Auto Show this month.

Called SkyActiv-X, the technology applies a process called spark-controlled combustion ignition, which promises diesel-like fuel economy by reinventing how spark plugs ignite, keeping them off in all conditions except cold or extreme temperatures.

In essence, its "fuel-air mix" is optimized with only a small amount of fuel-air mix igniting at a rate less than traditional engines, resulting in better energy usage. Mazda claims it offers roughly 20 percent improved fuel economy over today's engines.

The next-generation Mazda 3 will also debut, with the teaser calling out its Kai design concept with more refined taillights and sharper C-pillar. It is also speculated a new 2.0L supercharged four-cylinder will be paired with the new model.

Look for SkyActiv-X to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 30.