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Maven Optics

Maven Shows us How to Get Better Binoculars for Your Money

When you take a high-quality glass and use a direct-to-consumer approach, the results are better optics for your money.

Maven optics knows a thing or two about quality. They also understand the importance of keeping prices down and creating an affordable product for consumers, which they do by using a direct to consumer approach. This means they build your optics and ship them directly to you.

How does that save you money? As you will see below, oftentimes there are restrictions, margins and cost markups, when companies sell their products in the big box stores. Maven chose to skip the middle man to keep their prices lower. Overall, this allows Maven to keep their prices lower but allow you to get better quality optics for your money.

See below how Maven is redefining optics:

Maven has optics available at every price point. Maven has optics available at every price point. Their cheapest, and newest model is their C-Series which starts at $325 for the 8X, and $350 for the 10X power. I've personally used their B-Series model binocular for an entire turkey hunting season and there is nothing missing when it comes to quality in design and performance.

Maven also offers a warranty for their optics which covers you for just about every incident you can think of. Just like in the video above, even if you happen to accidentally run them over with your truck, they are covered. It is, however, not recommended, yet still covered.

maven optics

Maven's choice to use the direct to consumer method may not have them flooding the shelves or scattered throughout the television commercials, but they are without a doubt, quality optics. If you want more for your money when it comes to optics, be sure to take a look at the Maven optics. Because they are direct to consumer they also offer an option to fully customize your optics. Options are endless with the Maven built glasses, distances are not.

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