trufire panic-x

Train to Cure Trigger Panic with the TruFire Panic-X Release

Let's take a closer look at the TruFire Panic-X, the archery release that is helping people cure trigger panic.

You may have seen this release on Instagram or Facebook lately and if you are like me, it had you quite curious. So curious, I had to get my hands on it to test it out for myself.

The release is full of very cool features that can help anyone who suffers from trigger panic. To make it simple, trigger panic can be broken down into two categories: trigger punch (or slap) and trigger rush.

Most experienced archers suffer from trigger rush and are just too quick to pull. Trigger punch is a form of trigger panic where the archer is slapping the trigger. Both trigger punch and trigger rush can greatly affect the archer's shot when trying to build consistency and confidence.

I actually didn't know I had trigger panic until I began filming my own hunts. My second camera angle showed a rushed shot and a rookie mistake: I was slapping the trigger. This is what had me intrigued to get my hands on the TruFire Panic-X.

After a few months of using the new release, I'm very confident I no longer have trigger panic. Every time I practiced I had the training aid in the "ON" position. I consistently got to the point where I feared I wouldn't even release the arrow. Mentally, training with this release has made me much more aware of my routine when shooting. I am now subconsciously reminded not to punch or rush the trigger when shooting, and it's made me much better.

For more information on the TruFire Panic-X or to purchase, be sure to visit the TruFire website.

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