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Massive Herd of Elk Takes Over Intersection

There are elk everywhere!

As a society, we never completely stop. There's always something going on somewhere at every minute of every day. However, every once in a while, nature has a way of putting us on hold. Rarely do you see an elk crossing the street. Never do you see this.

Watch the video below:

Elk video, courtesy of Dan West.....they are everywhere!

Posted by Estes Park Trail Gazette on Friday, November 3, 2017

If you ever drive out west, you'll see herds of elk off in the distance, but this is something completely different. You couldn't even begin to count all the elk in this video, and there's no way for these drivers to do anything but enjoy the moment.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know!


Massive Herd of Elk Takes Over Intersection