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This 33-Inch Walleye is Hard Not to Stare At

A lot of people love eating walleye for dinner, but this guy might have a new wall ornament.

Just as November rolled in, Richard Lorenzen caught a walleye he'll always remember. This 33-inch, 14.5-pound behemoth is what walleye fishermen chase after forever. Lorenzen caught his trophy in the Rainy River, right on the border between Minnesota and Ontario.

Target Walleye shared this photo on Facebook and it's getting a lot of attention. THIS is what a 33" (14.5-lb) walligator looks like.... Richard Lorenzen caught her on the Rainy River (MN/ON border) in early Nov. Sheesh! Oh yeah, they caught some eaters to!!#walleye #fishing

Posted by Target Walleye on Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fishing in the cold is always a battle. Whether you're sitting on the ice, chasing trophy catfish or, in this case, catching a massive walleye, the end result always means a little more than catching a fish in 70-degree weather.

Most people don't have a chance to catch a fish like this, so you have to think Lorenzen's throwing this puppy on the wall. If not, you know they have a lot to eat!

Congrats, Richard!


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This 33-Inch Walleye is Hard Not to Stare At