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The Massive Ford Recall Came at a Terrible Time

More than 350,000 pickup trucks part of the Ford recall come at a time of slumping pickup sales in the United States. Ouch.

Just when momentum started picking up for the auto industry, on the heels of ticking up auto sales and a solid New York Auto Show outing, Ford goes and does something not so great. News outlets have reported that the latest Ford recall affects 350,000 F-150s, heavy duty trucks, and Expeditions fresh and hot off the production line.

The trend in the auto sales arena has been to go either really big or really small with an emphasis on compact SUVs and large pickups. And even though pickup truck sales did slump a bit earlier this year the industry has seen a turnaround. So, the news that the most trusted truck on the planet is being recalled for safety reasons isn't good news, and it's also terrible timing.


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Two safety issues are part of the Ford recall. Faulty transmissions seem to be the culprit here as unseated gear shift cable locking clips have been leaving the transmission in a different gear than the driver selected. The problem seen physically results in the vehicle moving while in park. Only one accident has been reported, but it only takes one.

Model Behavior

The model years are 2018 Ford F-150, F-650, F-750 (didn't even know those existed), and Expeditions equipped with six- or 10-speed automatic transmissions. Dealers are currently inspecting the shift cable locking clip and securing it how it was supposed to be secured initially.

The second recall focuses on a small roll pin that's missing in just 161 vehicles including Mustangs, Lincoln Navigators, and Expeditions between 2017 and 2018 model years. The small roll pin may not sound that serious, but eventually it will results in the vehicle losing the ability to park. Might want to hold on to that one.

Think your car or trucks may be on the list for recall? Check out the NHTSA recall site to make sure.

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