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Massachusetts State Police’s First-Ever Comfort Dog Is Just as Adorable as You'd Hope

Meet four-month-old Luna, the Massachusetts state police comfort dog! We're huge fans of dogs that are trained to do therapy work. We write about this topic a lot and for good reason. Therapy dogs perform incredible tasks for their handlers.

The newest member of the state police was introduced in an official introduction at State Police General Headquarters in Framingham. She'll work with first responders to help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), reduce stress and heal the officers.

The Boston Globe tells us,

"Luna, a 4-month-old English black Labrador was bred to be a comfort dog and donated to work in "post-traumatic stress decompression," State Police said in a statement."

The Massachusetts State Police shared the below statement on Facebook, 

She was bred for comfort dog work and will be working with the Employee Assistance Unit (EAU). Trooper Chat Tata of the EAU is her handler and Luna lives with his family. How lucky are they?

According to an interview in The Boston Globe, 

"Luna responded to her first assignment last week with her handler, Trooper Chad Tata, to help Springfield officers following a shooting, said David Procopio, spokesman for the State Police. She will eventually receive certification that will also allow him to take her out of state to assist at mass casualty incidents as needed."

The police department is proud of their new addition! The new therapy dog will be a great asset to their EAU program. We are all familiar with emotional support dogs and Luna will truly help the officers through stressful events. All comfort dogs are trained to have a calming presence for the police officers they're visiting with and we imagine this move by the Massachusetts State Police Department will encourage other law enforcement agencies to follow suit. Every police department should have a police therapy dog! They will be thankful for Luna every single day she's there helping them.

These are types of available resources you'll see in police departments but also at senior centers! We all need a comfort dog!

Are you thinking what we're thinking? Luna may be the most adorable comfort dog on the books! Please let us know what you think below. 

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