Martin Archery Features New Firepower at ATA 2019

Martin Archery showed up at this year's Archery Trade Association Show with two featured bows.

At this year's Archery Trade show there was no shortage of compound bows to check out. With heavy hitters in the bowhunting industry everywhere you look, just about every brand has their work cut out for them.

Martin Archery broke through the static by showing us two of their new bows, the ADIX and ANAX. One is catered for hunters, and the other designed for target shooting.

These followed the reputation Martin has already established in the archery biz, with more features and design applications than anything they've released so far.

Here are the two new bows from Martin Archery that we got to check out.


Martin Archery released this bow for their hunting line, and its ability to tune with ease makes this bow really interesting. The company introduced weighted cams to the bow that help with the entire paper tuning process.

The bow comes in five different color options, and creates near-endless customization to fit your hunting style.


Martin is adding this bow to their competition shooting line, and there's good indication that target shooters will react positively.

This bow offers several adjustments to give competitors perfect tuning to their shot. The most impressive is the ability to adjust the poundage by increments of five, plus make cable adjustments that give the archer pound by pound shifts.

Considering the stress of a competition, the confidence of an archer can make all the difference. The ANAX looks like a great way to ensure your set up is exactly where you want it.

Final Thoughts

The thing that really blew us away about Martin Archery this year with the adjustability of their bows. It's hard not to think that they're making moves to give archers precisely what they want. Full details and specs haven't yet made it to, but it should only be a matter of time.