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Marines Raise Money to Bring Home Two Stray Puppies from Afghanistan

Two stray Afghan pups are headed to their new forever homes in West Michigan.

According to Fox 17, Hayden Gort and his fellow team of Marines, who are deployed in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, found a puppy going through their garbage a few weeks ago.

Gort said:

"Me and my team were taking the trash out in the morning as we do every morning. We saw one of the trash bags moving and was somewhat empty. There was a puppy laying in it trying to dig through the trash to find food."

Another puppy was found on the side of the road by a different platoon.

Since finding the two pups, the Marines have been enjoying the company of their four-legged companions.

Gort said:

"It definitely keeps our morale much higher. Being here in Helmand Province, it's not the greatest place to be. There's threats all over us, so having this little bit of freedom and happiness around definitely helps us a lot. We go through the days and anything could happen. It's nice getting back from a mission or back from work and having that little bit of happiness to come home to."

Gort named the pup he found in the trash Sabula after a local Afghan girl that lives near their base. The other pup was named Nala.

Not wanting to part ways with their new furry friends, the Marines created online fundraisers to help with the costs associated with bringing the dogs back to Michigan, and in less than a week, they raised over $4,000 for veterinary care, vaccines, and the long trip home.

Gort said:

"We have to fly these puppies in a helicopter to Kabul where they will spend 30 to 45 days in quarantine to make sure that these Afghan puppies don't have any animal diseases that they could bring home to American dogs. They'll see a vet there, get all of their vaccinations and stuff there and then this company will send the puppies over to Detroit where our families will go and pick them up from there."


Sabula and Nala should arrive in Michigan in February, and Gort should be back home from his deployment and reunited with the pups this summer.

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