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How Many Hockey Pucks Does it Take to Stop a Bullet?

Just in time for the NHL playoffs, here is a guy shooting hockey pucks with a Glock.

We're sure you never thought to ask this question. But the Youtube gun channels are getting really good at answering the questions you never thought to ask.

With the NHL playoffs currently in full swing, Youtuber Edwin Sarkissian brings us this most appropriate video. In it, he decides to test the effectiveness of a Glock 19 against hockey pucks.

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If you've ever handled an ice hockey puck, you know how heavy and hard they are. There's a reason players lose teeth when they're hit by these things. I did a little research and found out they are made of vulcanized rubber. They're made of some pretty tough stuff for sure.

Granted 9mm isn't the heaviest or most powerful round out there, but these pucks held up pretty well against the additional kick of +P rounds.

So there you go, if you find yourself in an absolutely ridiculous Mad Max-type situation with only pucks to craft body armor out of, a layer of four is the magic number to slow down and possibly stop or deflect a 9mm round. Hey, the more you know, right?