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How Many Bernese Mountain Dogs Do You Think Can Fit in a Volvo?

Cue the circus music.

We all know clown cars, where a tiny car rolls up and a large number of clowns pile out. But I would be hesitant to say the same about "Berner" cars, where a tiny car rolls up and a large number of Bernese Mountain Dogs pile out.

The car, in question, is a Volvo. It appears to be a hatchback, which would offer more room than a sedan. However, it's still not the biggest car around.

When transporting dogs, especially Bernese Mountain Dogs, which average anywhere from 80-110 pounds, you would think a big SUV is in order, but that's not the case.

Before you watch the video below, take a second to guess how many dogs are in the car. Got it?Good! On with the video:

Did the number of Berners in the car surprise you? It surprised me, as I know how difficult it can be to transport just one dog in a car at a time. The last dog I had was crazy in the car: jumping from the front seat to the back, barking out the window, never sitting. Six dogs like that would most likely result in me driving off the road or, possibly, having a mental breakdown.

But Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their mellow temperaments, which may be the special ingredient that allows them to cram in the back of a somewhat-tiny car and pile out in such a well-behaved manner.


Or, maybe, the Berners see a job opening, as public demand for clowns had been declining due to their creepiness, and want to get into the circus business. For all I know, clown cars may soon become a thing of the past and "Berner" cars will become the thing of the future. I guess we will have to wait and see!

What number of Bernese Mountain Dogs did you guess were in the car? Tell us in the comments!

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