Man’s Reaction to Swimming With a Giant Grouper is Priceless

This man just went swimming with a giant grouper and it's the funniest thing you'll see all day.

When it comes to fishing fails or even just outright funny fishing videos, this may just be the best one ever. When this nice gentleman enters the water he has much the same reaction as anyone who can't swim well, or even at all.

It's just that in the end the water is calm, he has the assistance of a professional fishing guide, and everything is under control. Or so they all think.

As he tries to get into position for the big picture, he has to overcome his fear of the water which is not always so easy for someone who isn't all that comfortable in a life jacket. But before it's all over, he's almost there, then the giant grouper wakes up.

(If you recognize him, you can probably see through Monster Mike's act, but all the same... it is pretty entertaining!)

Here's the hilarious video:

Just remember that not everyone is comfortable in the water, even with a personal floatation device. Having said that, this poor guy thought it was the water that was going to kill him.

Then he put his arm around that humongous grouper and it came back to life!

Until you and I get into the water with a live, 400-pound goliath grouper—that's really unhappy—then we can't so much laugh too hard at this poor guy's reaction, but that's about as comical as it gets!

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