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More Classic Fishing Fails for Your Full Examination [VIDEO]

These classic fishing fails will make you laugh, shake your head, and remember that time you did it yourself!

If you’re going to laugh at somebody else, you had better be able to laugh at yourself first.

Here’s a short collection of fishing foibles that have surely happened to all of us that have ever casted, drifted, or otherwise wet a line.

Let’s review:

Pinch your fingers, somewhere/anywhere in the boat? Check.

Drop anything in the water that could possibly sink? Check?

Try to net a big one by the tail? Yep.

The bruiser spit the hook? The slob followed and missed? Broke your rod doing something dumb?

Check, check, check!

And by the way, if you haven’t scratched, poked, or completely impaled yourself with some kind of fishing hook, you haven’t even fished yet.

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More Classic Fishing Fails for Your Full Examination [VIDEO]