Man's Touching Letter to His Lost Dog Will Break Your Heart

Worried about his lost dog, a man writes a touching letter to his pet, reminding us all what it's like to worry about a lost pet. 

A man who's heartbroken over his lost dog decided to write a letter to his missing dog. It's quickly going viral, and is a poignant reminder of how heartbreaking it can be to search for a lost pet.

Mike McGlone took to Facebook to write an open letter to Kyoe, a dog he'd had since he was a puppy. Mike's letter to Kyoe is full of honesty and highlights the special ways that the dog has changed his life. It also gives readers a look at the heartbreak that Mike is experiencing over his lost dog; Mike talks about how he constantly checks his phone for news that Kyoe has been found, and can't help but look for his dog in his favorite spots in the house.

Here's Mike's letter to Kyoe.

Mike wrote:

Dear Kyoe,

Hey buddy I'm so sorry, I have searched high and low but I can't find you... I feel as I have let you down. Since we first met back at the SPCA when you were just a little puppy I thought destiny brought us together. After all I wasn't even on the list for your adoption but for some lucky reason they called me and said I was next in line. Things just aren't the same anymore without you.

My mornings are lonely at 4am without you walking around with me while the rest of the family sleeps. Now I stare desperately out of the window hoping to see you in the backyard as I wait for my coffee to brew instead of playing with you. I always think I'll see you sitting on the stairs through the window still watching as I pull out the drive way before you go back to bed with your mom but all there is now is emptiness.

I check my phone constantly hoping for a call or message that you've been found or even just a sighting so I know where to keep looking. You would be overwhelmed in a good way buddy if you could see the thousands of people who care about you and are helping to find you. It's truly amazing and it's our only sign of hope in what's feeling like a hopeless situation.

Your brother Finnegan isn't doing well without you home either. He spends most of his days laying around wondering where you are. He even goes outside about twice an hour and looks for you in the yard. I hope you two will play together again sooner than later.

I won't give up hope buddy, I refuse to believe I won't see you again. You were brought to me that day two years ago for a reason and I refuse to believe it was to loose you. I'm so sorry Kyoe, I miss you so much. I promise until the day I get a phone call good or bad I will always look for you.

Update: It's been 15 days now since Kyoe ran away from our home in Village Green in Baldwinsville. We know he crossed the river on January 8th at Van Ness road and was last seen on the dead end of Doyle Road just off of River road January 9th where he ran from my mother who spotted him and head down to the river and cut through the woods towards 31. That was the last anyone has seen of him. If you have any information or think you may have seen him please message comment text or call any time day or night.

We are worried sick and have been searching ourselves ragged looking for our little guy. We are willing to offer a no questions asked cash reward for his return. He means the world to this family and we are lost without him. Kyoe is a 2 year old male husky who was last seen with his black collar still on which have his ID tags and he is also Microchipped. Again if you know anything please let us know and please share this post because your share could be the one who leads us to someone who has seen him.

Hopefully Mike's letter to Kyoe will help to bring the dog home. At the writing of this article, the Facebook post had already been shared over 10,000 times. The more people who see Kyoe's photo, the better - if you'd take a minute to share this article, then hopefully we can help to bring Kyoe home.

There's nothing worse than worrying about a lost dog. We wish Mike and his family the best, and have our fingers crossed that Kyoe will be found.

Have you ever had a pet go missing? What did you do? 

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