YouTube: Jason Roberts

California Coyote Devours a Cat in Someone's Driveway

Well, that's not something you see every day. This seriously mangy coyote found a quick meal smack dab in the middle of Huntington Beach in broad daylight.

It takes one glance to notice something isn't quite right with this coyote. As mangy as they come, the predator makes his way through the Hollywood streets and has no fear of human interaction, which is odd and scary in itself.

As the cameraman follows, the footage takes on a strange feel. The coyote literally roams the sidewalks of this urban area as if he's the neighbor's poodle. And then the video gets interesting.

The camera zooms in and shockingly, the coyote is working on a pre-deceased cat. The coyote's devouring it like it's his last meal.

You often hear of city coyotes who get accustomed to people and wreak havoc on pets, but you don't always get a firsthand view like this.

Yet, people claim there isn't a population issue and predator control is unnecessary. I am not a biologist, nor do I have statistics to back up my claims, but I would assume a coyote only moves into urban areas like this when the competition is too thick in the wild, resulting in its unhealthy appearance and need to adapt to the Hollywood surroundings to eat.

As the coyote demolishes the cat and leaves only the head to lay there, you can only think of a child's pet...

Load up, we're going 'yote hunting.