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Mango the Amazon Parrot Has the Most Enviable Shower Routine

Parrots are extraordinary creatures. With their beautiful feathers, endearing personalities, and impressive language abilities, these birds fascinate pet owners. Of course, there's more to parrots than just their social skills. Our feathered friends are deeply intelligent and can form special bonds with their humans. Parrots also have very long life spans—so, while people may admire their amazing  traits, they may not be the right pet for everyone. Thankfully, parrot lovers can fly over to TikTok to spend some virtual time with these beautiful birds and experience their personalities firsthand. Some birds talk, while others sing, and a few can even dance.  There's one parrot, though, who is a little more unconventional than the rest of the social media-famous flock.

Mango the Amazon parrot has multiple talents, but none quite as notable as his love of water. In fact, most of Mango's videos center around him talking and dancing around in the shower.  (Don't worry—it's all family-friendly!) With more than 6 million view on one of his latest clips, Mango may be the unofficial king of #ParrotsOfTikTok.


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This is one bird who understands the joy of a long, hot shower! Mango looks like he could be in an animal kingdom music video with the way he is prancing around beneath the shower's stream. At first, the parrot doesn't realize his bird mom is filming and TikTok viewers get a candid view of Mango's relaxation time. He walks around, flapping his wings, ensuring that every inch of his back and front get washed. Did you see that expert twirl? Such grace! Once this sweet bird realizes he has an audience, he walks over to give a friendly, "Hello!"

We are so in love with this guy and his laid-back attitude, and we aren't the only ones. Thousands of commenters are in awe of Mango's commitment to self-care. One admirer commented, "Aw, he thinks he's in the rain forest." Another summed up the experience up perfectly: "You can take the bird out of the Amazon, but you can't take the Amazon out of the bird." One more fan simply said that Mango is "living his best life!"

We couldn't agree more!

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