Man Who Tried To Be Eaten By Snake Says His Ribcage Almost Exploded From The Pressure
Image via YouTube/Discovery

Man Who Tried To Be Eaten By Snake Says His Ribcage Almost Exploded From The Pressure

If you watched Discovery in 2014, you may have remembered the special Eaten Alive. It featured a conservationist, Paul Rosolie, trying to get himself eaten alive by a snake. For viewers, the special landed a bit as a dud. I remembered watching it. It was an hour buildup that ultimately ended after a few minutes when Rosolie called off the stunt.

However for Rosolie, it was very scary and real. He said that the snake was "inches away" from his "ribcage exploding." Ultimately, Roslie called off the stunt as the snake began to consume his head. He told LADbible that the experience was "terrifying." He was fearful for his own life.

"The last thing I remember was her mouth open wide and everything went black. I went limp and let it constrict," he said. "She wrapped around me and I felt my suit cracking and my arms ripping out of their sockets. I came inches away, moments away from having my rib cage explode. It was really all about showing people the power of these snakes with the mission of protecting their habitats."

Snake Tries To Eat Man

The giant snake are constrictors meaning they place a lot of pressure on the bodies of their prey. Rosolie said he realized that he couldn't breathe anymore. "Every time you exhale, you never get that space back, you never take that breath in again. So you exhale and the snake squeezes, and then when you try to breathe in, there's nothing. And so I couldn't even call for help. It was terrifying," he said.

He also talked about the snake pinning him down for the first time. "I'm getting coils over me," he told his team. "She's got my arms pinned. She knows there's nothing I can do." Despite his fear, he told his team that he was initially okay. However, his heart rate and breathing began to get labored as the snake took hold.

He tried to stay calm, but later admitted that he is the" type who'll say, 'I'm fine, I'm fine'...until I'm dead.'" Rosolie didn't respond when a member of his team checked on him. He then screamed, "Stand by guys, I'm starting to feel like she's consuming me. Guys, my face is down. I'm calling it, I need help!"

While a life-threatening situation, the special proved to be disappointing to viewers. They felt cheated by the premise of the special.