Man Trapped In Ravine Finds Unlikely Rescue When His Dog Pulls Real Life Lassie
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Man Trapped In Ravine Finds Unlikely Rescue When His Dog Pulls Real Life Lassie

Previously I wrote about a dog who would do anything to avoid returning home. Well, over in good boy corner, we have a dog that pulled off a real-life Lassie to save his owner. The dog in question ran over four miles from the scene of an accident to get help. I can't even get my dog to follow me downstairs.

After a man crashed his truck off a cliff in Oregon, he thought that he was a goner for sure. However, his dog Blue proved why dogs are men's best friends. Brandon Garrett ended up driving his truck off the road and into a nearby ravine. Blue ran the distance through the woods to a campsite to aert Garrett's friends that something was wrong. Garrett spent the night in the creek while his dog got help.

"I laid in the creek overnight because it's foolish to try to move around in something like that if you can't see where you're going, and the other three kids stayed with me, and this one took off and he headed back up to where my camp was, which was closer to six miles away," Garrett told America Reports. "He jogged on up there and got 'em looking for me."

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Dog Saves Owner

Garrett's friends instantly knew something was wrong when Blue came running out of the woods. They went and found the truck, but Garrett had crawled out of it.

"He went and got a hold of my brother and my brother came up, and he looked at the truck and said, 'He's dead,'" he recalled. "The deputy, Travis Ash... pulled up just as soon as it was light enough to see, and by then I crawled downstream about 75 yards and uphill about 15 yards, and I had to get to a point where somebody could see me because nobody could see me from the road where I was at, and it had quit raining by then and Travis Ash said, 'You're supposed to be dead.' Well, not really."

Garrett said his other dogs stayed by his side. In total, he had four dogs in the truck during the accident. Two also experienced injuries. However, he said they were all doing okay thanks to Blue.