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Man Snatches Croc From the Water With His Bare Hands

YouTube: milyari fitzpatrick

This guy has ice in his veins!

If you've ever tried to catch a fish with your bare hands, you know it's darn near impossible. Apparently that's not a problem when you're as cold-blooded as this Australian man, who somehow managed to barehand a freshwater crocodile!

Nicholas Milyari Fitzpatrick was near Towns Crossing on the Savannah Way, somewhere between Roper Bar and Borroloola when he saw the reptile, which he estimated to be around 1.5 meters (4.9 feet).

Watch as he stares down this apex predator and manhandles it onto shore!

"We were just crossing through, doing our work going from community to community. And I'm a hunter; I grew up out bush hunting and I'd hear a lot of stories about the freshwater crocodiles and how our people used to eat them" Fitzpatrick told NT News. "I heard stories about how we used to just grab them.

"A lot of people in the Roper region, or mob is out there, they still eat freshwater crocodiles."

Though Fitzpatrick won the battle with the crocodile, he ultimately decided to return it to the water, although he does plan to try and one eventually.

"Knowing it was a freshie," he said. "I wouldn't grab a saltwater crocodile, they're cheeky little things, the twitch back and grab you."

Personally, I don't think it would make a bit of difference. It's still a crocodile! I want nothing to do with having a toothy predator that close to me.

However, props to this guy for having the guts to do it!



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Man Snatches Croc From the Water With His Bare Hands