brother sabotages hunt

Man Sabotages Brother's Hunt by Putting Deer Repellant Near Stand

Who knew sibling rivalry could go this far?

A family in Michigan is likely experiencing a bit of an awkward holiday season this year, as a man sabotaged his brother's deer hunt earlier this month.

According to a report from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, a conservation officer was called to investigate a dispute between two brothers in Newaygo County, Michigan.

One of the brothers eventually admitted to spraying deer repellent around the other's hunting stand.

The hunter harassment complaint identified the suspect as the man's brother, and detailed the location as the public land adjacent to a private camp their father willed to them.

After his initial investigation DNR Officer Mike Wells received two SD cards from nearby trail cameras, which contained photos of a man wearing a yellow backpack spraying apparatus.

In the footage, he was spraying an unknown substance around two hunting stands on the U.S. Forest Service property.

When Wells approached the suspect's hunting blind on the opening day of firearm season, he discovered the man illegally hunting over bait.

After questioning the suspect and presenting the trail camera evidence to him, he evoked a confession, as the suspect said he only sprayed "liquid fence" because his brother intentionally interfered with his hunt first, by hunting the adjacent public property.

Liquid fence is a substance used to keep deer away from agricultural sites, and the suspect admitted to using it just to scare deer away from his brother.

The suspect apologized, according to the report, recognizing that he let his emotions run awry.

Officials submitted a warrant request for hunter harassment and illegally baiting deer.

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