YouTube: National Geographic

Compilation of One Tree in the Forest Shows Parade of Animal Visitors in Course of a Year

It would be accurate to say this tree in the woods is nature's leading performing artist at the moment!

Everyone loves wildlife, but it seems like an animal's habitat does not get as much love as it should. Many people find entire forests beautiful but individual trees rarely get the attention they deserve as part of an animal's natural ecosystem.

A man decided he would set up a camera facing a tree in the woods and leave it for a year just to see what he may capture on film. Well, it seems the one tree he picked just happened to be the most poplar tree around.

Watch the video below to see what he captures.

And you thought nothing interesting happened near one tree from day to day! It was a literal parade of animals across all seasons that passed by this tree. The diversity in species was even greater than we expected. Bear, elk, deer, foxes, coyotes, and badgers were all caught on film throughout the year. Pretty impressive, I must admit. I love being able to see the seasons progress from one to another throughout the film.

Watching all the leaves change on the trees reminds us these plants are living things we share the planet with. It's easy to forget that since they never move unless the wind blows them. The way the snow melts and the green grass comes to life is spectacular. It serves as a great reminder that nature is about more than just the wild animals that populate the world's forests.

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