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Man Builds Amazing, Completely Off-Grid Floating Home in His Spare Time

This off-grid floating home is an impressive build.

Almost everyone dreams of building a home that is completely cut off from the grid and allows them to live comfortably with minimal housing costs. Few people will turn their dreams of an affordable, unique home into a reality. Jay Blackmore is not one of those people.

This man decided his traditional home was taking up too much of his time and his hard-earned money. So, in his spare time, he decided to build a completely off-grid tiny floating home on the water. He lives in the 700-square foot home year-round and has minimal maintenance.

Find out how he built it and hear about some of the innovative features that allowed him to ditch many expensive bills over the years in the video below.

This one of the most impressive off-grid tiny home builds we have ever seen. For every logistical question we had, there was an amazing answer to the problem. This place puts my first apartment to shame. Not only does the home look great indoors and out, but the features are incredibly original and address many of the problems that people have with going off-grid. The way he handled the grey water system is nothing short of brilliant.

The biggest challenge of a home like this is simply lugging groceries, propane and fuel pellets out when he needs them. However, we like the idea of being aware of what you are consuming. It helps give you a better appreciation for the everyday items we use in life and probably helps him save money in the process too.

The winters are likely rough in this floating home, but we love the idea of living on the water. Imagine waking up every day and casting a line for fishing from your front porch. This is a fisherman's dream come true! Can Jay come build one of these for us next?

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