smallmouth buffalo
Facebook: Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Man Breaks Oklahoma Record With Massive Smallmouth Buffalo

This guy didn't just break a state record, he blew it out of the water!

There's nothing quite as exciting as someone breaking a record with a monster fish.

However, the new catch usually only breaks the record by a hair in these stories. According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, though, that was not the case out on Broken Bow Lake this past week.

Using a rod and reel with only 8-pound-test line and a swimbait, local fisherman Hugh Newman landed a 66-pound, 3-ounce smallmouth buffalo. The previous record, which Marvin Williams caught in 2007 out of Lake Konawa, weighed 44 pounds, 2 ounces.

That's right, Newman broke the state record by more than 22 pounds!

Look at the size of this thing!

If Newman's feat wasn't impressive enough already, his fish also broke the record for the largest margin of any Oklahoma record-breaking fish.

Can you imagine reeling that fish in on such light tackle? Also, what has that fish been eating? Fish of the Cypriniformes variety are known to pack on some pounds, but that fish actually looks a bit abnormal.

If you ever land a monster fish, make sure to take it to wildlife officials just in case it's a record fish! You never know!

Congrats to Newman on one heck of a catch!