Man Attacked by Pack of Coyotes While Walking to Work

This Colorado man was lucky to have gotten away from a pack of hungry coyotes.

It was an early morning walk to work Andrew Dickehage had made multiple times before. This walk, though, landed him in a different office than usual. This walk put him in a doctor's office after being attacked by a pack of aggressive coyotes.

The group of three coyotes were heard coming up behind him just prior to attack, according to a report Andrew gave to CBS Denver. The group contained one larger coyote and two smaller dogs. The three animals attacked, scratching and biting his arms, leg and face. They dragged the Boulder County resident for nearly 70 yards before he was able to escape.

Coyotes aren't typically aggressive animals, at least not toward humans. This type of attack is quite uncommon, which led officials to hunt down and kill two of the three coyotes involved in the attack.

The man was taken to the Longmont United Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

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