A duct tape tire can hold up surprisingly well.

Keep It Rolling: Making a Duct Tape Tire Because of Course

In this clip, watch YouTube channel Life OD's aspiring mechanics create a functional duct tape tire to test its mettle in actual driving.

Soooooooo, we've seen some crazy stuff before when it comes to thinking up wondrous new car ideas. But this one is just plain awesome/strange/give it your best shot, bro!

In all, the crew started with the meticulous process of removing the tire and bolting the rim into the axle before driving to the local Walmart and buying 20 rolls of duct tape.

Watch the video below to see a duct tape tire become a real thing:

Rolling With It

Initially, they roll the duct tape by hand, followed by a slowly rotating platform before discovering that lifting the vehicle and revving the tire generated the force needed to wrap hundreds of feet of duct tape in seconds.

Surprisingly, the tire holds up impressively well at low speeds, failing to crack or splint off the tire. At high standstill speeds, it also holds its shape. All in all, it looks like the perfect last-mile solution.

Now, if only they drove at full speed on the off-road.

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