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Learn How to Make a 'Deer Backpack' to Haul Your Harvest

Learn to turn your deer into a backpack for an easy way to haul it out of the woods.

Getting your game from the field to the processing table is one of the most daunting tasks when deer hunting. There are many options from dragging it out with a four-wheeler to cutting it up to haul out in game bags and high quality frame packs, and still have to make several trips.

There is even a way to turn a deer carcass into a special type of hunting backpack to sling over your shoulders.

Granted, this was done by a family of deer hunters with a smaller fallow deer in New Zealand, and certainly isn't suggested as a way to haul a large whitetail buck or elk out of the backcountry of the United States.

But being able to tote a smaller doe or younger buck with this method might really come in handy some day.

Watch the video below:

That's a totally new take on "hunting pack," isn't it?!

The technique for turning your freshly killed harvest into a deer backpack to haul it out of the woods is very simple. This video demonstrates the few quick cuts you need to make this deer pack to get you back to camp for processing.

This is an old woodsman technique that was used for centuries to get meat back to camp while venturing through the wilderness. While mostly forgotten, it's a heavy-duty tip for when you're hunting by yourself. Just field dress it, fold the legs into backpack shoulder straps, and be on your way.

The only limits I really see to this is your own strength, especially when it comes to dropping big bucks that tip the scale. I would just use this technique for doe and spikes; anything else you are probably better off calling for help or using the ATV.

And of course, if you execute this trick on public land, attach some blaze orange to the deer and wear plenty yourself for obvious safety reasons.

This unique backpacking approach might not scream "ultralight," but the weight on your shoulders will be a good kind as you reap the rewards of a game meat haul.

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