Magellan Pro Hunting
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Magellan Pro Hunting Gear: Top Features and a Review of the Full Line

With their Magellan Outdoors Hunting apparel line, Academy Sports + Outdoors has created a set of hunting gear with unique features that stand up to far more expensive stuff in terms of quality and innovation. Then they took things up a notch with the Magellan Pro Hunting line, which includes clothing, accessories, and bags all made for rugged conditions. Personally, I've used most of these new products and have been rather rough on them to see just how durable they are. By all accounts, they're standing up to the usage and proving worthy of a spot in my closet.

Hunting the early season in most states is hot, especially in the southern regions. Gear that can wick moisture while keeping the body temperature down is a must. Magellan Pro Hunting puts forth some quality ultralight gear just for this part of the season. They know their consumer base well, and many of them are forced to deal with these warm hunting conditions. On the flip side, the cold weather collection in the Magellan Pro Hunting line does well to keep you warm without weighing you down with too much bulk. We'll run through some of the standout features of each piece of gear I've used, and share some thoughts on how well it's performing.

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Versatility of the Magellan Pro Hunting Gear Lineup

The Magellan Pro Hunting Track Pants are the highlight of the entire line, in my opinion. They're designed to flex when needed, making them great for those hot, sticky days afield. The pants are made of a woven polyester blend which offers a soft, lightweight feel, and my version is concealed with Mossy Oak Terra Range camo, which is among the most diverse camo patterns on the market today. Aside from the fit and versatility, they also sport a durable boot guard that encourages longevity on hunts that require a lot of walking.

The line also introduced cold weather gear that is top of the line. The 3-in-1 Systems Jacket uses a laminated exterior that's waterproof and windproof, but this cold weather gear also has a Thinsulate fleece lining for more warmth. In fact, this puffer jacket is so warm that not many under layers are needed to stay comfortable during even the most grueling weather. It uses Sciessent, an Agion Active scent control-treatment, plus it has a safety harness opening in the back for treestand hunting.

This line also includes a Waterproof Duffle Bag that is perfect for long trips and can really withstand the elements. Keeping moisture out is key to this product, but it also offers backpack-like straps for easy transport through airports or while checking into a lodge. The bag is made using a welded TPU material and offers a lot of durability. The waterproof zippers offer a T-handle design which makes it far easier to close than a typical zipper, even when it's fully loaded.

My Own Tests of the Magellan Pro Hunting Gear

My first testing process started at a camp in Oklahoma where I hunted for whitetail over several days amidst intense heat. The clothes were extremely comfortable and did very well at offering relief from the blistering heat. I was successful after connecting with a nice deer, and I feel like the Magellan Pro Hunting gear was a big part of me punching my tag.

The test continued in the mountains of Tennessee on some of the coldest days of last season. I considered wearing several layers to ensure warmth, but I quickly realized how well the cold weather gear was made. Within minutes of walking to the stand I had become so warm that layers had to be shed in order to withstand the long sit without generating a lot of sweat. After sitting for many hours in freezing weather, the test was concluded and the results are that this brand of clothing and gear is outstanding. I give them a full five stars for quality as well as comfort.

As mentioned before, hunting has a lot of variables that can change within a moment's notice. Having the right gear to either keep warm or help stay cool is crucial. Academy Sports + Outdoors has definitely knocked it out of the park with their Magellan Pro Hunting line of gear.