M134 Minigun
YouTube: JR Lym

M134 Mini Gun Rips Through 1,000 Rounds In Less Than 30 Seconds


The M134 minigun can blow through 1,000 rounds in less than 30 seconds!

The United States is currently experiencing an ammo shortage with people stocking up their supplies. Some are a little hesitant to head to the range and use their stores since it's hard to find a store shelf that isn't bare.

Still, we all have that one friend that goes to the range and goes crazy with the full "mag dumps," burning through hundreds of dollars of ammunition in an afternoon. While that may be fun, it can also be quite expensive unless you're shooting something like .22lr.

Today's video was clearly shot before the ammo shortages started. This guy has an M134 mini gun. What he does next is fire off a 1,000-round burst. Yes, you read that correctly, 1,000 rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO. It's totally ridiculous, but it also just looks like too much fun.


It only took about 30 seconds here to burn through 1,000 rounds of ammunition. There is no counting the shots here. It's just one steady stream of freedom flying down the gun range. We wish we could have seen the stump they were using as a target here. Although there may not be anything left of it after this!

In case you were wondering, official specs from the manufacturer say the M134 is capable of 2,000-5,000 rounds a minute depending on the type of ammo used. So, what you saw here was right in line with those specs.

Designed originally in the 1960s, the M134 has seen a long service life. This gun has been used in every major conflict since the Vietnam War. At 85 pounds, it is no lightweight. That is why this gun is often mounted in helicopters and other aircraft, because a burst like this helps provide the troops with excellent ground support.

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