Minigun Tracers

Behold the Awesome Display Produced by Tracer Rounds from a Minigun


This is what tracers fired from a minigun look like.

Tracer rounds are extremely useful in shooting because of the great visual representation they give you of where your bullets are flying. They can help instructors give better feedback to correct shooting mistakes. In the military, tracers are used to make faster adjustments on the fly and direct fire on a specific location.

Mostly, tracers just look awesome, especially when they are used with a gun that has a high rate of fire. That is the case here.

On this range, we have several people shooting tracers, but after a few seconds someone starts unloading a fully automatic minigun loaded with red tracer rounds. It is a spectacular sight to say the least.


That is a sight that is almost as beautiful as a 4th of July fireworks display! This is the type of range that could only happen here in America. Aside from being a spectacular sight, it was fascinating to watch the path of some of those tracers and the way they ricocheted off the target downrange. Let that serve as a reminder to always have a good backstop. Because you just never know what path a bullet is going to take once it leaves the barrel.

Can we just talk for a moment about this range? We do not know where this is, but we want to visit! Full-auto guns and incendiary rounds that have lit the whole hillside on fire? Yeah, looks like a fun time to us!

We do not see the gun taking those shots, but assuming is the M134 minigun, those are 7.62x51mm NATO rounds that are blistering down range at such a high rate. This gun is capable of nearly 5,000 rounds a minute if you have a long enough ammo belt. Those rounds are traveling at a blistering 2,800 feet per second on their way to the target. You do not want to be on the wrong end of that gun!

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