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.22 Tracers vs Ballistic Gel... What Really Happens?

What does it really look like when .22 tracers hit their target? Take a look at this super slow motion video to find out exactly what actually happens.

Tracer rounds are always fun to shoot, no matter what the caliber of the bullet is, but if you really want to know what kind of damage a round like a .22 tracer will do, you really need a block or two of ballistic gel. What make's this video even better than most is the quality of the slow motion video that comes with the test.

While it doesn't necessarily look like the .22 tracers are doing an immense amount of damage, they still manage to go through almost a foot of ballistic gel and are still essentially on fire for most of it. That's something we definitely wouldn't want to make contact with any part of our body, much less stepping up to a larger caliber.

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