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Luxury Lodges and Pristine Fishing Are Waiting North of the Border

You know you've wanted to soak in the seclusion of a lake all to yourself. These luxury fishing lodges represent the best in Saskatchewan.

Canadian fishing lodges are one of those things that anglers create bucket lists for. The cool thing is, they're more attainable than you think, and are probably even more incredible than you've imagined.

Saskatchewan in particular has an assemblage of lodges that are easy to get to, offer full-service packages, and bring you what everyone really wants these days: an escape to untouched waters for some of the best freshwater fishing in the world.

The stunning natural scenery and pristine wilderness is unlike anywhere else in North America, and it's where uncrowded fishing is at its best. When you're only able to access the lodges via float plane, you know you're going to have an unforgettable trip.

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But really, it's all about the fishing. In Saskatchewan, the abundant variety of species and potential to hook into some big, trophy-class fish are equally fantastic.

Here are a few examples of the kind of experience you'll get when you book a trip to a Canadian fishing lodge.

Cree Lake Lodge

Cree Lake Lodge is no stranger to big fish, but it's how far they go past good angling that makes the big difference. Their newly refurbished main lodge is on a peninsula of Cree Lake, and offers a rustic, comfortable place to relax after an epic day of fishing.

Top-of-the-line gear and smart, talented guides help anyone who visits Cree Lake Lodge leave plenty satisfied. They're known to help clients reel in some of the biggest fish season after season.

Tazin Lake Lodge

Tazin Lake Lodge has established itself as a premier fly-in fishing outfit, and for good reason.

The lake trout and pike pulled in by anglers guided by Tazin Lake Lodge are historic, and the accommodations are what keep people coming back.


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It's just about the most remote experience you can have, while still relying on internet, TV, and satellite phones to be there if you need them. How else are you going to instantly share photos of that monster lake trout?!

But really, if you're able to completely unplug, this is the type of place to do it. You can show off your giant fish photos later.

Wollaston Lake Lodge

Wollaston Lake Lodge encourages you to "Catch a Memory," and it's pretty easy to do once you see what you're in for.

The fly-in fishing is great in this part of Saskatchewan, and the cabins and amenities at Wollaston Lake Lodge come highly recommended.

Joel Ruby/Wollaston Lake Lodge

You'll want to strengthen your casting arm before heading to Wollaston Lake, because there's a plethora of big ones waiting up there.

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These are just a select few, but Saskatchewan is filled with great options for great fishing trips. It's just a matter of narrowing down the choices and reaching out to book it.

And if there was ever a place you'd have a great shot at a Freshwater Grand Slam, Saskatchewan is it.

Be sure to read up on all the Canadian fishing that's offered in this part of the country, and be ready to check off a big bucket list item with your dream trip north of the border.