3 of North America's Greatest Remote Fishing Spots to Really Disconnect

Disconnecting is what fishing in Canada is all about. Here are some of the best spots you'll find.

Fishing has always been a favorite way to enjoy the outdoors here in North America, especially when you want to unplug from the rigors of everyday life. It's become harder and harder to do, but putting away your smart phone and ignoring your email inbox is the way to make it happen.

Canada, and specifically Saskatchewan, just so happens to be one of the places that has capitalized on the remoteness that anglers strive for. The fishing lodges located in the province are home to some of the best angling in the continent, and the ability to disconnect is available to anyone who's looking for that kind of experience.

We wanted to show a few examples of lodges you can book a trip with that allow you that disconnection, and have narrowed the large list of great places to go down to three.

That's not to say there aren't more choices, but these three show off the best of the best.

Milton Lake Lodge

Milton Lake Lodge is a premier angling destination that sits on what many feel is the "top of the world" in the northern areas of Saskatchewan. A beautiful lodge, private rooms, chef-prepared meals, and fantastic fishing all come standard at Milton Lake.

If you've ever wanted an entire water body to yourself, this is the place to find it.

The days can be full of casts and catches with honey holes you can call your own, which is what makes the seclusion of Milton Lake Lodge so special.

Arctic Lodges


Located on Reindeer Lake, Arctic Lodges goes above and beyond what you'd expect from a full-service fishing outfitter. They were one of the first original lodges in the northern section of the province, and have built their reputation ever since.

Found on a cluster of thick wooded islands with spectacular views, Arctic Lodges has kept their original log cabins intact, with modern features like full private washrooms and wood burning stoves.

And of course, the low-pressure fishing produces upwards of 1,000 trophy catches a season, all with the potential of being the biggest specimens you've ever caught.

If it's an escape you want, Arctic Lodges can give it to you. If it's big fish you want, you'll get those too.

Scott Lake Lodge

This oasis of comfort and quality makes disconnecting almost automatic, as the Scott Lake Lodge has everything you want in a wilderness fishing experience.

Having the opportunity to fish on 200,000 acres of water from the dock and an additional million acres on fly-out lakes is what makes this lodge extra special.

You can truly leave the stress and complications of everyday life behind, and find the kind of pristine fishing you've always wanted.

Ready to Unplug?

All in all, the ability to disconnect is ripe for the taking if you're fishing at a Canadian lodge.

Though most lodges have modernized their amenities and now provide the ability to check in with the civilized world, switching things off is easier in Saskatchewan than just about anywhere else. And the fishing has been as good as ever, no matter how technologically advanced the world may get.

If disconnecting is what you're after, then a fishing trip to Saskatchewan should be high on your priority list. Are you ready to make it happen?