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Lumberjacks Execute the Uprooted Tree Catapult


The catapult is an ancient device. In the past, it launched missiles and even biological weapons.

In this video, nature's catapult launches a man.

Warning: There's a guy flying through the air; of course, there's some cussing.

One of my favorite catapults is the trebuchet. It's cool to watch the weight drop. It looks like the launcher is moving slowly, but then the sling whips around and the projectile goes flying.

I've never seen a tree trunk used as a catapult. But, I can see how it works. With all of those roots still in the ground, the tree trunk is sitting on potential energy.

Once the weight of the tree is gone, the roots pull the remaining trunk back--with force. Of course, it would never work as a weapon. It's not portable, and it can only fire once. And judging from how far it tosses the guy, it really isn't all that powerful.

But then again, this video isn't about the physics and strategy behind ancient weaponry.

All the giggling like Beavis and Butt-head proves that.

Also, they launched their buddy without having a clue how far he would go.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) he ends up in that disgusting pond.


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Lumberjacks Execute the Uprooted Tree Catapult