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This Human Slingshot is the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

Ever seen a human slingshot? If you are an adrenaline junkie, we may have found your next challenge.

We all had and loved our slingshots growing up. Slinging rocks, acorns, and whatever else would fit at squirrels and birds in our back yards. Slingshots are awesome and fascinating, but the human slingshot takes the cake.

This dare devil straps into this monster human slingshot and is catapulted hundred on hundreds of feet in the air. The man reaches 200kph in less than one second after exiting the slingshot. Talk about an adrenaline rush of all adrenaline rushes.

After the launch, the man quickly becomes a speck in the sky as he is literally flying through the air. After reaching his peak height, he releases his parachute and safely reaches back to planet earth.

He was able to film the incredible event with a few POV cameras as well. Crazy, just plain crazy.

If you are looking for that next thrill seeking challenge, here it is.


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This Human Slingshot is the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush