Lucas the Spider Is Back! This Time with a Cute Polar Bear Dog

In the latest installment of the most adorable spider ever...

Lucas is an animated spider with big eyes, advocating for people to love spiders. He was first introduced to us by telling us how many eyes he has. He soon returned to the world of YouTube with a cute song and big dreams, since he wants to grow up to be the world's first musical spider.

Now the little spider is back with another video, and this time he gets to meet a dog.

It seems the giant white thing just showed up one day, and Lucas isn't quite sure what it is. He thinks it might be a polar bear. But, like all of us when we see a cute dog, he couldn't fight the urge to boop it on the nose.

He jumps off the chair and creeps quietly up to the sleeping polar bear dog. And, in an impressive example of animation blending into real life, gives the dog named Dexter a quick tap on the nose.

"Ahhh, don't eat me!" he yells as he runs away. Wait! He's the spider! He should be scary!

But not Lucas. Lucas is just a furry arachnid with big eyes, exploring the world. Soon he and Dexter will be fast friends because Lucas is friends with everyone.

The adorable animation project is the brain-child of animator Joshua Slice. The voice of Lucas is played by creator Josh Slice's nephew, Lucas. We can imagine that if Lucas the spider is that adorable, so is nephew Lucas!

We can only hope for a full-length feature film of the cutest spider ever from Pixar! Join the million subscribers on Lucas the Spider's YouTube channel. You can also visit the official Lucas spider storefront for some merchandise at!

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