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Louisiana Lawmakers Reject Constitutional Carry

Constitutional carry has been struck down in the Bayou State.

Under the Trump administration many Republican lawmakers have been making a push to pass permitless concealed carry laws. Louisiana is the latest state to make such an attempt.

But unlike many recent measures that have passed, Louisiana's latest attempt to adopt constitutional carry laws failed in a Louisiana house panel by an 8-5 vote.

"We cannot stop every dangerous person from carrying a concealed handgun in public, but our permitting system helps discourage it from happening," Lafayette movie theater shooting survivor Cissy Rowley told legislators at a hearing on the issue.

Newsweek reports the testimony by Rowley helped sway lawmakers on the fence about the issue into voting no.

Louisiana is a shall-issue state for concealed carry permits so residents will still be able to get a permit once they seek out the proper training and a background check.

Currently there are 12 states that have constitutional carry with North Dakota being the latest to pass it. Earlier that same month, their neighbor to the south saw a similar proposal vetoed by the governor. At the same time, Republicans are pushing for a nation-wide concealed carry reciprocity bill that would make all states honor permits from other states.

The move is meeting with some push-back from Democrats. There have also been pushes by gun control advocates like Michael Bloomberg, who has promised $25 million to fight reciprocity.