Louisiana Becomes First State to Adopt Digital Drivers Licenses

The state of Louisiana has now become the first state to adopt digital driver's licenses.

Invited by Envor Software liaison Dr. Chad Lacour, "LA Wallet", marked as the country's first digital license, received approval by the state to pass and implement the technology.

"I read an article about Turbo Tax creating an app for filing your returns and asked, what else could you develop something like this for; and I thought of driver's licenses," said Lacour in a recent interview.

All users need to do is activate an account is to create a four-digit pin and enter driver license details, including your license and 4-digit audit number. From there, the app creates a visual shot (image) of the license, with all information and images coming straight from the DMV.

Logging out of the app will wipe all information off, keeping it out of the eye of thieves.

At the moment, use of the app is completely legal for use in Louisiana at traffic stops and checkpoints. However, it cannot be used for age verification or while passing through airport security.

It is now available in the App Store and Google Play for $5.99. To learn more about the technology, visit LA Wallet.