german mg34 machine guns being built

Lost Vintage Footage of WW2 German MG34 Machine Guns Being Built

The MG34 machine gun was a dreaded weapon of the Axis Germany in World War Two.

The lost vintage footage of German MG34 machine guns being built is quite a historic find. This was well-machined weapon that took skill to build. Check it out!

The Facebook page World War 2: The Lost Footage shared this vintage World War Two video, sure to pique your interest. It's how the infamous MG34 machine gun was built.

For many World War Two veterans they will never forget the sound of the high cyclic rate of the MG34 machine gun or the cheaper to build MG42 machine guns. Nicknamed "Hitler's Buzzsaw" by many G.I.s, this weapon was a sheer terror in the hands of Nazi German troops. There was much machining to build the MG34, as this incredible video shows.

While my German interpretation of this propaganda video may be poor, I can surmise the speaker is raving about how the MG34 will win the war for the Reich. Well, a neat weapon build none the less and a history lesson tied up with it to boot.