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Firing the World War Two British Sten Machine Gun [VIDEO]

The British Sten submachine gun of World War Two is quite a movie star.

Don't let Hollywood fool you, this iconic gun is all business.

Hickok45 fires the old warhorse that fought wars so long ago.

When enemies of the British Crown attacked in World War Two, the Sten submachine gun was ready for them.

The Sten submachine gun was cheap to produce. It also fired the same ammunition the German pistols and submachine guns fired, the 9mm. On a battle field where resupply could be sketchy, all the British soldier had to do was take the enemy's supply to continue the fight. Brilliant strategy indeed.

Also the side loading magazine allowed the shooter to fire from a low prone position. That undoubtedly saved Allied lives.

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Firing the World War Two British Sten Machine Gun [VIDEO]