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Lost Dog Reunites with Owner after Going Missing for 12 Years

Can you imagine? This dog was lost for 12 years! The dog is now 14-years-old and traveled across half the U.S.

USA Today reported this story and here are some facts about 'Dutchess' the missing pup and how she was lost in the first place. Dutchess went missing in February 2007, and it is unclear how she managed to travel hundreds of miles to Pittsburgh from Florida.

"A resident found her under a shed cold, hungry and unkempt and took her to the Humane Animal Rescue. Staff identified Dutchess by scanning a microchip affixed to her and found that her owner lived in Florida."

"When she got that call from us, she was in disbelief. She couldn't believe it was happening," Zac Seymour, manager of digital communications at Humane Animal Rescue, told USA TODAY. "

How would you feel if 12 years after you lost your beloved pet you suddenly found out they were safe? Everyone here at Wide Open Pets would be freaking out.

The rescue and the owner have no idea how 'Dutchess' ended up all the way in Pittsburg but they are so happy this loving dog was reunited with her owner.

The story has a happy ending because of that microchip!

There is nothing more important than having your animals microchipped. We write about this a lot and it's important as we read so many stories and headlines about animals that are reunited with their owners ONLY because they have a chip.

This story is trending of course because it's unreal and almost unimaginable. A senior dog found it's owner thanks to the rescue organization Humane Animal Rescue and the video about shows this emotional reunion! As always, grab Kleenex. The message is microchipping! There is no guarantee a rescue will know how to find you if your animal doesn't have this very important chip. Look at this sweet fox terrier and that senior muzzle is precious.

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This pup is so lucky to be reunited with her owner, please let us know what you think below? 

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