Look at the Insane Damage This Turkey Did After Being Hit by a Pickup

Turkey collisions can be as dangerous as deer.

Most drivers worry about the damage a deer can do to yourself or your vehicle if you hit one. But surely there is no danger in hitting a wild turkey, right? Think again.

The Dutton Fire Department in Gaines Township, Michigan, posted these photos of a truck that struck a turkey, and they're downright scary. The accident happened on M-6 at Hannah Lake when the bird went right through the windshield on the driver's side.

We're not surprised to learn the driver of this truck did suffer some facial injuries in the accident, but he's expected to recover from them. Still, it had to make for a terrifying moment to suddenly have the bird come flying through the windshield like that.

Much like law enforcement agencies warn drivers of deer activity in the fall, the Dutton Fire Department is doing the same with turkeys.

"The Turkey is no joke; they will absolutely destroy a vehicle, especially if you're unfortunate enough to encounter more than one. They don't often sit in the road as you drive over them. They attempt to take flight, and you will find them right about face level as they do. Not a good day. Keep your heads on a swivel and drive safe everyone," the department wrote with their post.

We're just glad to hear the driver is safe. We'll definitely be a little more careful when driving around areas we've seen turkeys from now on!