Foot Snare
YouTube: Chris Young

Lone Trapper Wrestles Mountain Lion To Free It From Snare

This guys is more of a man than any of us.

Getting attacked and eaten by a mountain lion ranks right at my number two spot on my list of the worst ways to die. I think getting eaten by a shark is the only thing that would top it. Because of this, I go to great lengths to avoid areas where mountain lions tend to live. Sure, I've fished in areas where I know there are mountain lions. Yes, I'm aware of the incredibly small likelihood one will actually attack. Some of us just have dumb phobias, okay?

So with that, when a Utah man is setting a foot snare in mountain lion country, inevitably, you're going to get one. Good thing there are men out there like this who know just how to handle such a situation.

Just get a load of this. Could you have handled this situation so smoothly and calmly?

Yikes. We imagine that this is every trapper's least favorite thing to find caught in a foot trap. Those paws and jaws are huge and can do plenty of damage to a human if the big cat chooses.

Right about the time that thing hissed, I would've opted out. You have to assume with how prepared this guy was to deal with it, he's definitely been in this situation before. But still, the ninja tactic of using a bush to block the back paws has to be straight out of some hardcore woodsman bible.

We also suspect the cat may have known he was trying to help because it didn't put up as much of a fight as we expected. It could also be tired from trying to free itself all night from the trap. Either way, well done on the successful, albeit scary release sir!