Project Healing Waters

If You Know a Vet Struggling with PTSD, Project Healing Waters Can Help

Project Healing Waters is just a flat-out great organization. 

Every year, more and more vets are returning home from combat and active duty with depression and signs of PTSD that largely go untreated. Because of this, long-term, negative effects can take hold not only of the veteran, but also their family and friends. Thankfully, Project Healing Waters is making great strides in spreading their message of fly fishing to help returning soldiers deal with these issues. Just simply taking a vet suffering from PTSD fly fishing can dramatically change their life.

Just see below for a little more info on this incredible program.

The programs Project Healing Waters offers can be tailored to meet an individual veteran's needs. However, just simply spending time out on the water while learning how to fly fish is often all it takes to bring somebody back from the brink. Fly fishing just has a way of calming the mind. For a person who's been through a war, calming the mind is just a win in itself.

Most of us have no idea what soldiers face when they're on active duty somewhere around the world. Thankfully, Project Healing Waters does and they're here to help.