Sterling Goulden

Lobster Fisherman Saves Deer From Icy Predicament

It was this deer's lucky day!

A Canadian lobster fisherman from Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, found himself in the most ironic of circumstances last week when he saved a deer that was trapped in icy water.

Two months prior to the incident, Sterling Goulden and his wife, Margo, got into a car accident when a deer crossed the road in front of them.

Margo suffered a fractured spine in the car crash, so she was resting at home when she noticed a different deer from her window.

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"It would put its little paws up and break the ice," she told CBC in an interview. "But then it would put its little head down until it had enough strength to do it again."

Shortly after, she had the support of the Gunning Cove community, as extra help showed up with blankets and a rowboat, though the rowboat wouldn't make it through the ice.

It wouldn't matter, though, as Sterling would come home from work shortly after and steer his fishing boat toward the deer. Once he got closer, he was able to throw a lasso around it and pull up onto his boat with a trap hauler.

"It took about an hour, but then it started to get its feet," he said.

Watch the video below:

Though he'd vowed to never help a deer again after the accident, he told CBC it was his wife who inspired him to help.

"I don't know what happened to the little deer after it left," his wife said. "But it was all quite a thing to watch."

Talk about a twist of fate!