Texas Girl Has a Special Friend Waiting for Her at the Bus Each Day

The special friend has feathers...

Savannah is a teenager living in Atlanta, Texas, a quiet town in the northeastern part of the state bordering Arkansas. She lives there with her family and some animals, and it's a good life.

Last year the family came upon a rooster, whom they named Frog. Frog was a little different; he was super friendly and outgoing, which is odd for a rooster as they can be overprotective and aggressive. Frog also has feathers on his feet, which give him some flair but is also odd on a rooster.

But the most notable trait about Frog is how much he has bonded with Savannah. When he was a young chicken, Savannah would carry him around while she did her chores.

"She'd take him to the laundry room and he'd watch attentively," Holley Burns, Savannah's mother told The Dodo. "She'd go and wash dishes and she'd set him up on the counter and he'd watch her wash the dishes."

The young girl and the rooster were soon inseparable.

"Everything is Frog and Savannah," Burns said. "She pulls him in a wagon. Wherever she goes, he's right behind her. He gets up on the bunk beds with her. He'll sit and watch TV with her."

The problem for Frog, though, is that Savannah goes to school every day. So the only thing he can do is wait for her to get home. And when the school bus pulls up to the driveway, Frog knows who's getting off...and he runs to meet her!

The daily routine is known by all, including the bus driver who knows to watch for a chicken running down the road. In fact, everyone loves Frog the rooster so much that he got his own Facebook page where the video was posted.

Now the world can see the bond humans can have with roosters, since the video was viewed over 14 million times. Roosters aren't always mean!

As for the Burns family, they will likely get more animals. Last year they rescued a dog named Casper who is also friends with Frog.

But Frog's best friend will always be Savannah.

"I don't know what they'd do without each other, truthfully," Holley Burns said. "He's a very big member of our family — or a very small member of our family."

Have you ever had a bond with a rooster? Tell us in the comments below! 

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