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Little Man Sets an Example After Landing a Monster Bass

Every dad hopes to see their kid pick up a fishing rod early on, but this little guy takes it one step further.

As fewer and fewer people buy hunting and fishing licenses every year, many of us younger millennials wonder what's to come of our own kids. Not only are kids less interested in learning how to fish or hunt, but many of them don't want to even leave the house.

You have to think we only have ourselves to blame as a society, as we've introduced things like social media, Amazon, Netflix and lifelike video games. Why would any youngster feel the need to leave?

Fortunately, however, not all hope is lost, as we're about to show you a little guy who landed an absolute toad of a bass, and sets an example for the right ways to respect wildlife.

Watch the video below:

How do you like that? His number one priority was making sure the fish got back in the water! How many kids have you seen do something like that?

You usually see kids just leaving the fish in the grass until an adult finally steps in to intervene!

Even better, he sounds like every competitive fisherman you've ever heard, saying he plans to come back and catch his monster bass for a second time.

I think the key to getting kids outside to enjoy wilderness is just taking them out to experience it. No one can resist the rush that comes from feeling a monster fish strike a hook.

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