Little Girl Meets Her New Puppy with Adorable Reaction

When this little girl meets her family's new puppy, her sweet and adorable reaction will remind you about the awesome bond kids and dogs so often share.

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting experience, especially when kids are involved. But this little girl's reaction to her family's new puppy is absolutely priceless. You can quickly see how much the girl loves the new family member, and from the looks of it, the feeling is mutual.

Something tells us this is the beginning of a very special friendship, and that this girl and this puppy are going to be inseparable. Take a look at the moment they meet, and how quickly they start to bond.

Introducing kids to a new dog needs to be done carefully, especially if you have younger kids. It's so important to carefully supervise kids with puppies or dogs, and to have repeated discussions about how to be safe around a dog, what behaviors to avoid, and how kids can help to keep the dog safe and happy in its new home.

When you welcome home the puppy, set some ground rules with your kids. Come up with rules about when they can handle the puppy (only in the presence of an adult), what they can and can't do with the puppy (like pick him up), and how special situations are handled (like the puppy must be left alone when he's eating or sleeping).

A new dog or puppy can be a great time to teach your kids about loving and caring for a pet. Before you bring home your new family member, talk with your kids about their responsibilities relating to the dog. Kids will be excited to help out at first, but reminding them about their commitment once the novelty wears off will be a valuable lesson in pet ownership and responsibility.

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This article was originally published March 13, 2018.

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