Little Donkey Just Wants to Be a Clydesdale, Please

This little guy has big dreams. 

And he's tried everything to be a big, strong Clydesdale. He's practiced the Clydesdale walk, the Clydesdale pull, he's even tried hair extensions on his legs to mimic the draft horse feathers. But, alas, he is still just a donkey.

That is until he wrote the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary, which helped him fulfill his dream.

Did you fall in love a little bit with the little Irish donkey? We know we did.

The cute video is advertising for Donegal Donkey Sanctuary in Castledooey, Ireland, about three hours north of Dublin. The animal sanctuary is run by Sandra Curran and Danny Curran, and the couple take in abused donkeys across the U.K. and beyond. They have seen awful cases neglect and abuse, starting with their first donkey rescue which they found starving and dehydrated tied to a car.

Thanks to the wonderful supporters worldwide, the Donegal Sanctuary is able to foot the farrier bill for overgrown hooves and give the beautiful creatures a new home. Animal rescues like these are run by good people who take it upon themselves to help those who cannot help themselves.

While the Sanctuary recently fell upon hard times and couldn't take in any more donkeys due to a lack of financial resources after a hard winter, the continued support from a GoFundMe campaign with a fundraising goal of 50,000 euros has helped immensely. Donkey lovers everywhere came together to raise 51,000 euros and counting.

Check out the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary on Facebook to follow along with successful donkey rescues!

What do you think of this cute advertisement? Tell us in the comments below. 


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